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Parish Council
The Parish Council
The Parish Council is an autonomous local authority within the meaning of various acts of parliament. It is composed of representatives elected by the people of the parish to make decisions and speak on their behalf. It is a corporate body which means it exists as a legal entity, which is distinct from the rights and responsibilities of individual members.

Keinton Mandeville Parish Council has 9 members and meets on the first Tuesday of every month in the village hall at 7.30pm. Minutes and agendas of the meetings are displayed on the Parish notice board situated on the side of the village shop. 

To view the Parish Council Standing Orders click - here

Health Walks
A series of 4 'Health Walks' have been organised from the village during September. For further details - click here

Parish Council members
Date of Next Meeting

16 April
7pm in the Village Hall

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Parish Council Publications
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District and County Councillors
Parish Council Members
Brendan O’Hara
(01458 224574)
Highways & Parish Paths
Helen Beal
(01458 223760)
Playing Field committee
Keith Jacobs
(01458 223033)
Village Hall Committe Representative
Tom Ireland
(01458 224198)
Chris Lane
(Contact via clerk)
Richard Sutton
(01458 224660)
Kathy Low
(01458 224664)
Finance committee & Planning
Jon Sparks
(01458 223582)
Finance committee
Jean Maynard
(01458 223518)
To view the Councillors' registers of interests click here
Parish Clerk - Sue Graham
Sun View, Babcary Lane, Keinton Mandeville, TA11 6DR
Tel: 01458 224593 or
District and County Councillors
District Councillor: Dean Ruddle
County Councillor: David Norris
South Somerset 'Wellbeing'
For support to improve your health and wellbeing click on the following link
Transparency Code
Accounting and audit statements are now available to view on the Transparency Code tab.

To view the Annual Return Click here To view the Expenditure documents Click here
To view the Accounts documents Click here To view the Policy documents Click here
Parish Council News
Notice of Annual church Meeting for the purpose of Electing/Re-electing three Churchwardens to be held in Keinton Mandeville Church on Sunday 7th April 2019 at 5.30pm following the service of Evening Prayer.

Any person whose name is entered on the Church Electoral Roll of the Parish and all persons resident in the Parish whose names are entered on a register of local government are entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.

Keinton Mandeville Parish Council


Following the uncontested election, there are two vacancies on Keinton Mandeville Parish Council to be filled by co-option.

If you would like to apply or require further information please contact the clerk.

Anyone wishing to fill a vacancy must be qualified to be a member of the council in the same way as if standing for election.

Sue Graham

Clerk to the Council 11 April 2019

Road Closure

Common Lane / Church Street Planned Closure

The Parish Council has received notice of a road closure on Common Lane and Church Street - from the junction with Queen Street eastwards for 100m, and westwards for 187m. This order will enable A A Pike Construction Ltd to carry out storm drain connection works in this road. The closure is due to start on 11 February 2019 and is expected to last for 8 weeks. Further details and a map can be found by searching on

Don't get caught out - watch out for scams in 2019. To see the advice from Trading Standards Click Here

Neighbourhood Watch
The police report at the last Parish Council meeting noted that we are still being visited by opportunist thieves who are looking for unlocked or poorly secured sheds and garages. Power tools, chain saws and similar are items on the 'shopping' list. Please lock sheds, outbuildings and garages and vehicles if left unattended

Oil club
Keinton Mandeville now has an oil club, providing an opportunity to reduce the cost of your heating oil. Not only do we group your order with others in your local club but we also group other clubs' orders around you! Therefore a club with 6,000 to 10,000 litres will be joined with other local clubs in a delivery area to make one large bulk order. In many areas we now order twice a month and in some areas three times a month during the busier months, ensuring you never need to miss out on a group order.

See -


The Parish Council has a grant budget for local groups and organisations. If you would like to apply please write to the clerk at the above address including the following information:

The number of members from the village regularly attending the organisation.

The amount you would like to request and on what it would be spent.

The likely benefit to residents of the village.

Planning Applications information
Planning application observations - a note to all parishoners.

When a planning application is made, the District Council have a duty to inform residents of neighbouring properties and to invite their observations. Similarly, the Parish Council is asked to consider and make observations on all planning applications in the village. Please note that South Somerset District Council DOES NOT routinely inform the Parish Council if it has received objections about the application. If you wish the Parish Council to take your comments into account in their deliberations, please make sure you either attend the Parish Council meeting in person or copy your comments to the Clerk in time for the meeting (check the date with the clerk beforehand.) Residents submitting applications are also welcome to attend the meeting at which their application will be considered. Agendas for all parish council meetings are displayed on the noticeboard on the side of the shop at least 3 clear days in advance of the meetings.

Mobile phone found in happy tracks
A mobile phone has been found in Happy Tracks Park

If you think it may be yours please contact the clerk. 224593